Producto de Aldea
Producto de Aldea S.L. is a Spanish company founded by winemaker Manuel Gil and made up of a team of professionals dedicated to producing, selling and exporting Spanish wines.
Since 2004, Producto de Aldea´s portfolio includes a wide range of wines, grape varieties and growing areas. We scour the country denominations to discover unique wines. However, we can also lovingly create exclusive products.
From the beginning, our clear commitment to international markets has let us export to countries as diverse as Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, USA and Russia. We take the utmost care in producing our wines and we work with our customers to get the right result for each setting.
Manuel Gil
After studying viticulture and oenology at the universities of Santiago and Vigo, Manuel did postgraduate research on Albariño. He started to the National Institute for Agricultural Research to work on different varieties from Castilla y León. From there he moved on to gain wide experience in wineries throughout Spain and completed his training at the Bordeaux School of Enology.
Manegerial positions came next: first as technical director and later as sales director at various wineries across Spain. Still, Manuel strove for something more. In 2004, encouraged by some of the greatest Spanish wineries, he founded the company Producto de Aldea S.L. to supply what these wineries were demanding: excellent quality wine at an excellent price.